Theatrical Production Design is essential in creating bespoke performance spaces and environments to tell a story and connect with an audience.

As the nature of Theatre evolves, so do the spaces it is performed in - the lines are increasingly blurred between a seated audience and stage as more interactive productions involve the audience more and more, to great effect.

Our design services include

- Art Direction and Creative for new theatrical projects

- Scenic and Production Design

- Prop and Special FX Design

- Costumes and Character Design

- Related Merchandise and Promotional items Design

We’ve contributed to some notable productions including

The Good Neighbour - An interactive journey of discovery for BAC, London, featuring an array of tales performed around a historic building, full of magic and emotion and heart.

The Furchester Hotel LIVE! - An all-season live-puppet recreation of “The Furchester Hotel” for BBC Worldwide/Merlin Entertainment at Cbeebies Land, Alton Towers Resort.

ZOMEDY - SFX for the Zombie Comedy show performed at Leicester Square Theatre, starring Tiernan Douieb.

The Retail Trust Ball - Cruise ship themed scenery designed for the charity  auction at Grosvenor House, London, featuring the singer Lamar.

JCB - Large scale scenery, props and SFX designed for this promotional show in Paris, performed six times daily for a week to showcase products with a James Bond theme.

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